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What Electronics I Should Not Buy Online and Why?

Online electronics stores are growing each year and because of the convenience of shopping from home more and more people are choosing to buy their gadgets online. There are several items that are also available online at a much cheaper price but you have to be careful and be thorough in your research before you buy something online. The luxury of ordering from home comes at a price and you often are conned by unreliable sellers that sell electronics online. There are certain products you should avoid buying online unless from an authorized retailer.

Apple Accessories

A survey reports that over 90% of Apple accessories sold online are actually counterfeit products. These are not only the third-party retailers but also giant web stores that sell electronics online like Amazon. These products are manufactured without following any safety standards and procedures and are made to deceive customers. You can check the Apple support page which has listed all the differences between an authentic and counterfeit product. However, just to be safe it is better to purchase these directly from Apple.


Batteries are used in almost every gadget but they should never be bought online. Standard-sized AA or AAA batteries are cheaper at the local hardware stores than online. Also a report shows that batteries sold online are made by third-party manufacturers. They are not safe to be used in your smartphone or laptop since they can damage the device. These batteries are likely to explode or catch fire and also hurt you, your loved ones and your property in the process. The counterfeit batteries sold online are produced using the cheapest manufacturing methods and no attention is paid to safety procedures or standard tests. You should always buy the official brand whenever you have to replace the battery on your electronics device no matter how expensive it is.

Photography Equipment

Even though websites that sell electronics online usually offer great deals on cameras and lenses but they are not the place to shop for these types of equipment. A study shows that special photography equipment stores are only offering deals and promotions because of the tough competition and it is an attempt to stay in the game. Online stores should not be considered since they sell these products at a much higher price. Before buying photography equipment online you should check the local stores for a price comparison.

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