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How to determine the value of used furniture?

It doesn’t matter whether you want to sell furniture online or with the help of your local newspaper – determining the value of your used furniture is crucial for your success. It is obvious that if you are interested in selling your furniture, you want to make the most from it, but choosing an inadequate price can be a huge time-waster. Follow this simple guide to determine the value of your furniture.

Think about popularity

Furniture manufacturers are well-aware of the fact that there are different trends in this industry every year. The time when your furniture was popular has a direct impact on the final price. Generally speaking, modern, well-informed buyers are interested in neutral, minimal, modern style. But, if you have antique furniture, you should not be worried because there is a buyer for every piece of furniture out there.

Take the size into consideration

The size of the furniture is usually one of the first things that buyers want to find out when they are looking to buy furniture for their homes. For instance, a huge room divider can sometimes be difficult to sell. In case the pieces of furniture you have come at an average size, you will be able to sell them faster. If you have custom furniture, you have probably paid a lot for it, but you can’t expect to find someone that is prepared to pay a high price for it.

Check the quality

Just like almost any product found in the market, furniture is available in different grades of quality. The most expensive pieces of furniture include the ones made of solid wood, expensive finish, and luxurious decorations/accessories. Cheap furniture, on the other hand, is made from particle boards and other cheaper materials. The secret to determining the right price is, to be honest. Put yourself in the position of buyers and look at the quality in a realistic way.

Check your competition

Unless you have some extremely rare and unique piece of furniture, it is very likely that some other sellers are offering the same furniture as you are reading this. So, it is a smart move to check their offers. If this is your first time selling goods like this, it’s better to offer your furniture at a relatively low price. You can sell furniture at a higher price once you establish a good reputation.


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